Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

Eyelid surgery in Thailand or Blepharoplasty in Thailand is removal of excess fat, skin & muscle without effecting functions of the eyelids.

Blepharoplasty surgery can be for lower eyelids alone, upper eyelids alone or both with Lower & Upper surgery with upper and lower cases usually being completed at the same time.

before and after eyelid surgery

This type of surgery is also known as Eyelid Hooding Surgery in Thailand

The surgery itself   is relatively  minor however can  make a very dramatic difference in your looks. Most patients have commented how their dropping eyelids have made people feel they are continually  tired and even angry however after surgery they receive comments of how they look fresh, more youthful and very alert.

Assuming there has not been any serious medical condition, such as a stroke, then your Eyelids can start to droop as we age. Contrasting with this, however very,very rare, are cases where babies are born with the condition.

Eyelid Surgery

Do I Need Eyelid Surgery

If you have noticed that one or two of your eyelids sag then its sounds like you may be a candidate for  Blepharoplasty surgery  in Thailand. The benefits of this surgery can include better vision, as previously vision had been hindered by sagging skin and from a looks perspective this type of surgery can create a fresher and rejuvenated you.

How long is recovery from blepharoplasty?

I know from personal surgery in Thailand that after 24- 48 hours I was out and about and not experiencing any difficulties however I was certainly quite bruised and still  had some swelling. Recovery from Thailand Eyelid Surgery will depend a little on anesthesia you have ie: under any general it can take a day or so more to become ‘back to normal’ compared to surgery  under a local which you are feeling ‘back to normal’ in about 4 hours. From a price perspective any surgery under a local is less expensive than under a general”   ….. John Green,  Director Plastic Surgery Thai

For  a  better understanding of this surgery and a full consultation please contact us and John, who has had this surgery,  will ring you and explain in detail.

Doctors will suggest that after a couple of days any stiches can be removed and of course puffiness, swelling and bruising will reduce with time. The time for bruising to disappear varies with patients as some patient bruise quickly and the bruise goes away quickly and with others bruising takes a while to disappear. As a good guide to how long it takes for bruising to go away ask yourself if you were to be hit on the arm and bruise then how long would it take for your bruising to go away. The time is takes for your arm to loose bruising is similar to the bruising with this type of surgery

Recovery from eyelid surgery usually can take a few weeks however you should feel fine within  a few days and so grateful for having considered this type of surgery. During the week of your recovery in Thailand your stiches will be removed. Your swelling will quickly fade with time.

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