Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

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Why didn’t I do it earlier is usually the comment along with… it was more than worth it – absolutely and I no longer have any back pain and I feel much more comfortable. And I do not have to buy extra size tops. Now I buy normal size clothes at everyday shops and No longer am I ashamed to wear swimming costumes and go to the beach. Really why didn’t I do it earlier.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries and the benefits of Breast Reduction surgery are very well known.

We provide Bangkok plastic surgery packages and also Phuket plastic surgery packages with the Top Plastic Surgeons in Thailand and the best plastic surgery hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket.

All of our past patients have been seeking best plastic surgery in Bangkok and Phuket and we have repeatedly found they have been thrilled with the outcomes we have arranged.

We  assist women with breasts  that are disproportionately and overly large, when compared to the  rest of their body. Poor women that have struggled with emotional confidence concerns and also physical problems.

Generally there are more women having Breast Reduction surgery in Bangkok than Phuket as Bangkok  has the majority of large hospitals however Phuket is definitely an option too.

We use the best plastic surgery hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket rather than Puket and Bangkok Cosmetic Surgery Clinics as we have found that hospitals have all the required facilities and can have extra resources when required.

Thai cosmetic surgery can be equally as good at both location hence we suggest you travel to the location that  is most convenient or affordable.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

What is Breast Reduction Surgery

Reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery in Thailand that removes excess skin, glandular tissue and also breast fat in order to obtain breasts that are in proportion to your body size. The aim is for surgery to also remove the discomfort you have experienced due to having large breasts. The surgery provides permanent outcome however naturally with time your breasts will have normal changes.

Pain after Breast Reduction Surgery

As you would expect after having any surgery there will be some post-surgery pain however it will not be unbearable – more sore and a bit discomfort. Your Dr will prescribe appropriate pain medication for taking immediately after surgery.

Some patients state they experience itchiness of the scabs where their incisions were however frankly a small price to pay compared to the results of the new you!

Before Breast Reduction Surgery Advice

• Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age however your breast must be fully developed prior to surgery occurring

• If you have surgery prior to pregnancy you must recognise that pregnancy will effect the outcome you have achieved with surgery

• As with any surgery you should be fit and healthy and ideally at your proper weight and definitely not a smoker

• A major thing to remember is helping your breast form the correct shape post-surgery ie: after surgery your breasts shape can change so it is important to wear a post-surgery bra or sports bra night and day so as your bra will support and help you obtain the desirable shape you deserve. Your surgeon should advise you the appropriate time however usually 3 – 6 months is required.

Breast Reduction Surgery

• Underwire bras can cut in to where your incisions are – you should find a supportive bra that has no underwire

• Breast reduction surgery can effect a woman’s ability to breast feed. There is no guarantee that you can or cannot feed after surgery however most mothers that have had reduction surgery can breast feed.

• Do not think breast reduction surgery is the same as breast implants – it is not!

Reduction surgery is not as effective with upper –pole fullness whereas our breast augmentation surgery corrects the upper-pole region. With our breast augmentation packages in Bangkok or Phuket you can achieve equally amazing result from both locations hence go where is more convenient – Don’t be thinking about ‘beach holidays’ because first of all you should be recuperating post-surgery and there will be absolutely no swimming immediately post-surgery.

• Nearly always (99.5% of the time) your tissue does not grow back however you can develop fatty tissue if you put on a lot of weight (stay with correct weight! )

• The Good news is that there may be the necessity of having to shop for completely new tops because many patients go down an entire shirt size as a result of their size reduction

• You may lose nipple sensation post-surgery however this is usually a temporary occurrence

What Happens with a Breast Reduction Operation

Surgery will be conducted under general anaesthetic and we will arrange surgery at a private hospital and not a Bangkok Clinic or a Phuket Clinic after incision and excising skin, fat and tissue your surgeon will usually place stiches deep inside the breast tissue in order to provide additional support

Post-surgery you may wake and find drainage tube/s.  Drainage tube/s is an  important post-surgery step as they stop the build-up of fluids which may accumulate in the areas of surgery.  If fluid is left to accumulate if can be quite painful and also may delay healing hence the need, in some cases, to utilise drainage tubes.

Surgeons have different opinions as to how long drains need to remain however usually the rule of thumb is they are removed by your doctor or a nurse at the hospital when drainage reduces to less than 20cc per day. Typically The Thai Hospitals use a Jackson- Pratt drainage system which can be found being used back at home.

Your hospital nurse or doctor will explain usage of drains prior to checkout.

Whilst most patient have no issues at all it is good to be on the lookout for
* if you are  experiencing high temperature for a few days
* you experience your drainage getting thicker
*pus  at the area the drain is inserted
*pain at the area the drain is inserted

As mentioned in nearly all cases there is not an issue however on the very rare occasion that you feel there is an issue the hospital will welcome you back to ensure all is ok.

We have significant experience arranging Breast Reductions Surgeries since the year 2000.

Please contact us now and we will be able to make it easy for you to obtain your Breast Surgery Reduction.

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