Patients talk about Thailand Hospital Conditions

Patients talk about Thailand Hospital Conditions
 Australian and other patients talk about their experience in Thai Hospital.


Debbie talks about her 2 surgery experiences

Debbie is a Nurse from Queenland that had a tummy tuck and breast reduction in Thailand. She is now considering a facelift.

Nurse from Queenland

If you are also interested in a Tummy Tucks then please click the following link tummy tuck information  or perhaps you ar interested in a Mummy Makeover  Mummy Makeover information which can include a tummy tuck and more.Often a Breast reduction, as Debbie had, is part of Mummy Makeover surgery  breast reduction

20:20 Eye vision now !

I recommend surgery in Thailand. The cost saving was great and ..

Australian Lasik Eye Surgery, 2005

…the care was unbelievable . I strongly recommend surgery in Thailand.

Find out more about the surgery Ken had Eye Surgery Information

Monica’s Teeth Whitening

I recommend Teeth whitening in Thailand with Plastic Surgery Thai

Very Happy Teeth whitening patient

Why I chose Plastic Surgery Thai

Patient explains how PlasticSurgery Thai could help when others could not

Patients explainabout choosing her Medical Tour Company and why she chose Plastic Surgery Thai.

Rodger, video 1, talks about proposed Dental and Under Eyelid Surgery in Bangkok

This video is one of three video clips from the same patient.
The patient talks about his proposed Dental and Blethaplasty surgery (lower eyelid surgery) in Thailand. In later videos on this site you will see his amazing results

Rodger – video 2, talks about his dental results after Bangkok surgery

Rodger talks about his dental surgery results

The second video clip from Rodger.
Roger talks about his dental surgery outcome after his Bangkok Dental Surgery

Rodger – video 3 ,discusses his dental and eyelid surgery in Bangkok

Rodger talks about his surgery results

The third video clip from Rodger.
Roger talks about his dental and eyelid surgery outcome after his Bangkok Surgery.

Patient’s hospital experience

Patient talks about his hospital expereince in Phuket

Two Patients talks about thier Tummy Tuck & Breast surgeries

These two patients went to Thailand together. Both patients were extremely greatful to have in Hotel nursing care after their surgery especially one lady that had a few issues (not major) following surgery – isses resolved by our nurse.
Nursing stafff are specifically trained in post plastic surgery care.

Breast Surgery and then emergency appendicits !!


Hi Apple, The surgery went really well and I’m really pleased with the outcome….

Breast surgery Feb 2013

Unfortunately 2 days after my surgery I had to come back to the emergency room and get my appendix removed, turns out i had acute appendicitis. very bad timing!

I’m still in the hospital recovering but they have all taken very, very good care of me here. I can’t thank them and you enough.
Thank you for all your help!

Annita’s Breast Reduction

I knew nothing about operations overseas, but you made it so easy.

(Australian patient – Breast Reduction)

I gave you my details, then the next thing I know everything was organized and I ended up getting operated on in what must be the best hospital in the world.
The surgery went exactly as I wanted it to and now my life has really changed!
Thank you again,

Sparky’s Executive Check Up

I am an expat and I think the hospital arranged for me is the best hospital I have seen or been in……

I have accompanied friends and the service is great [never knew anyone to wait more than an hour as a walk-in] and the care is spot on. Equipment is state of the art – Atmosphere is Hilton Hotel. I recently went for a heart check-up – mri, stress test, chest x-ray, they even sent me to a gastroenterologist because I thought I had a hernia – a nurse walked me from one examination room to the next!! – and there was an exam by the doc before and after. and it was all about $200. and as I had eaten already so I had to stop back the next morn for my blood work… In USA they wanted 4-7 days to analyze my blood – they did it in one hour.. – I think it is well less than half the price in USA and better, classier etc.. I have many other stories but suffice it to say that I am totally impressed with every aspect… and if it is medical tourism for you – you could not pick a lovelier country to be in

For information about Executive Check Ups or any General Surgery please contact us today  Contact Us


Looking Good for the New Year !

Looking Good for the New Year !

Maureen from WA  – All going well. I am ………

(Western Australian Grandmother  – Face and Neck Lift)

All going well. I am up in the country for new year. Bringing  4 grandkids down to Pinjarra for a week.
My Face is feeling good still a little num. but looking good Maureen  Western Australia

Face and Neck Lift Surgery  – testimonial received received post op approx two and half weeks

Maureen attendeded Samitviej Hosptial     Thailand’s Tier 1 Hospitals

Husband & Wife – Two Surgerys

Nose Surgery

Plastic Surgery Thai arranged a hospital that we found out was world accredited by a USA Hospital Rating company that accredits major hospitals through out the world.

The hospital has resources equal to any I have seen at home in Australia. They seemed to have the latest medical machines on the planet – bar none. Before moving to Australia I grew up in Palo Alto and my parents both worked for Stanford Hospital. Although I am not a surgeon, most of my family are and I was premed in college.

My wife and I have had major plastic surgery done. The results have been exceptional. My wife was already beautiful, but she wanted to tighten up her skin (face lift)  face lift   and have a nose job nose surgery  as well as  eye lift. eye lid
I had a chin work chin surgery , and liposuction around the tummy  liposuction .

We are not unattractive people. People told us we already looked younger than our 42 years of age, but that’s because we take care of ourselves and try to lead a low stress lifestyle. We flew to Thailand for these procedures because we wanted to look the same for another 10-15 years. Our surgeon was eminently qualified. We redundantly tracked down his credentials and found him perfect. If you meet him, you will find he is as well spoken a surgeon as you will meet anywhere. He is also honest. Besides safety, communication is the MOST important element in these types of procedures. I do not know him outside of our procedures in the hospital so this is strictly a doctor/client relationship.
That’s all I can think of.
Good luck,

(Australian Patients –
Wife Face Lift & Nose Surgery
Husband Chin Augmentation and Liposuction)

Eye Surgery for Mary of Norfolk Island

I was able to obtain eye surgery for a fraction of what it would have….

(Australian Patient – eye surgery)

cost me here in Australia. I should have obtained eye surgery years ago.
Goodbye glasses!! and thanks

Paul, Pharmacist from Australia – Hair graft

Paul, Pharmacist from Australia  – Hair graft

My new hair has given me a new level of confidence!

Australian patient (male)– Hair graft 2013

I had a holiday in Thailand and also hair grafts for less than a hair graft procedure in Australia.
I am so happy with the outcome.
Thanks Plastic Surgery Thai

“I cannot believe how good I look”


I was asked to give some feedback for the website.

Queensland (breast enlargement)

What I can say about PlasticSurgeryThai is that from first contact when I obtained an estimate through to booking procedures and the medical operation, the entire process was extremely simple and without issue.

The service I received was prompt and most importantly I received accurate information about what I should expect in Thailand. The surgeon I was introduced to was excellent and the hospital care was fantastic – nothing seemed to be too difficult for the staff.

All of this equated to making my trip a good experience.
The decision to obtain help from PlasticSurgeryThai.com rather than attempting to book myself and hope that I chose well was absolutely the best decision for me.
And now I cannot believe how good I look. My new breasts are exactly what I wanted and I am now receiving so much positive attention. Soon I will travel again to obtain dental help

No one commented about having surgery

No one has commented ( about my face operation) which is really peculiar but…….

(Australian Patient – Face lift  & Dental Surgery 10/2013 )

I did say to Dr I wanted subtle changes so I guess he met his end of the deal No seriously I m quite happy that its ‘subtle’              Face Lift and Chin Lift Information

Rebecca had Forehead lift and Eyelid surgery in Bangkok

FACE OPERATION Hi John & Apple, Thanks for asking about me.

Australian patient -Forehead lift

I had all stitches out today face is still numb and swollen.
And bruised……Very happy with result The doctor was really nice and all his staff they looked. After me so good
Gave them presents today
Thank you once again

(Australian patient -Forehead lift  & lower eyelids)

Ted – “My hair line looks great”


john and his staff were so helpfull before, during and after …..

(Australian patient (male)– Hair graft)

the procedure i highly recommend them  to help you book any surgery in bangkok. my hair surgeon and team were very helpful and spoke english well and were very professional. my hair line looks great, looking forward to seeing the results.

Ted H 11/2013
(Australian patient (male)– Hair graft)

Australian facelift patient

Good John really good
– if you asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said

(Australian patient – facelift)

something completely different !! I wasn’t aware it would be so painful !! but its now settling and I don’t look some much like a domestic violence victim! Also I was incredibly impressed with the ThenkittKa (Sp?) -Dental they not only were highly professional dentist and they were also very competent and meticulous – they are really magical l I m going to come back and see them for future dental work
Thanks John – at times this adventure was very challenging ( Travelling alone was difficult )and I wondered what the hell I was doing but I have now demonstrated to myself how resilient I am .- trite as it may seem it was ‘ healing ‘ on many levels
Thanks John for referring me to these professionals – Im pretty sure I gave the surgeon a hard time ( not deliberately ) but it was all so new and unknown – He is a lovely fella and please apologise to him on my behalf – I was very distressed
I have no regrets
Best wishes always

Lindsey Caffin Facelift Surgery

FaceLift Surgery

I was made to feel comfortable. I felt like……..

(Australian patient 2009 – facelift)

Lindsey Caffin of Sydney here.
I was made to feel comfortable – I felt like I was the only patient – the personal service was outstanding. All depts visited by my wife and l were excellent. Professionalism of doctors and nurses 1st class.Lindsey Caffin, NSW 2009
(Australian Patient – Face Lift)

Mother and Daughter – breast surgeries

Hi John/Apple We have arrived back home safely 🙂 I would like to thank you

both for the professional service you have provided us with. I am very happy and would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends/family. Surgery went well and every thing is looking and feeling good. I must say the both Dr’s were absolutely incredible. They were very friendly, professional and down to earth people. Both Jasmin and I felt so comfortable in their presents. I must add the nurses in the hospital were amazing. We both enjoyed our time in Bangkok, and even managed to fit in some sight seeing, which was great.

Thank you for organizing the transfer from the airport too.
I might even be back for round two…..
Kind regards

Karen and Henry – over the moon !

Hi. John and Apple, Sorry for the delay. Just wanted to wait for the 6 weeks post surgery.

Australian patients – Tummy Tuck and Dental for Karen
Faelift for Henry

We are both over the moon with our surgery results. The Doctor is one very good surgeon and a beautiful person to top it off. He done a wonderful job on Henrys face.

Instead of only Lyposuction  Liposuction the doctor suggested a tummy tuck Tummy Tuck   as well for me would give a much better outcome. Of course he was right and I am very happy with the result.

The Hospital and the staff were top class and we would recommend it to to everyone we know. We would like to thank you both for everything as we had no problems with the Hotel or the Hospital, Dentist or any directions you gave us. I have given your details to a friend I met through work.
Thanks again,

Sharon – one trip and three surgeries

Hi John, Healing is going fine. Due to three surgeries in such a short time….

USA Patients – Full Body Lift & breast surgery

I knew that my healing would not be fast. My progress is steady, energy is doing better, and I am back to exercise. I am just delighted with everything that was done. And I also like the new Mick. Anytime you need a reference don’t hesitate to ask me. Everything went so smooth and straight forward, that I could not be happier.

Thank you so much,


Full Body Lift – 3 operations over 6 weeks

Hi John, I am truly delighted with all that has been done so far….

USA Patient –  Full Body Lift & breast lift and implants

and you know my regard for the surgeon you organise. I go back to see Dr tomorrow, and I don’t think he is planning my final surgery until next week, but after I see him I will email you to let you know.

For your ” other” Sharon / prospective new customer considering tummy tuck and face lift, my discomfort level has been very much within an acceptable range, especially when you consider what I have had done in just two weeks! Anything she would like to ask me, I am very happy to answer. I will email you again tomorrow afternoon, possibly late afternoon ( I don’t know how long I will be at the hospital) and we can go from there!
Take care,

Mick USA patient 2013

John, You did such a service connecting us with surgeons.

Mick Face Lift and Wife Body Lift Surgery


I know Sharon has already sent a message, but I wanted to add my two cents. I am so pleased with what he has done for me. Not only is he supremely nice and gentle, he’s also clearly an artist. Sharon is going to be a new woman when he’s finished and that is certainly going to rejuvenate our relationship. A super bonus, as we already love one another dearly. Regards

Mick from USA,  6/3/2013

Sharon’s “new girls”

We saw Dr. yesterday, poor dear was just swamped! My bandages have

(USA Patients – Wife Full Body Lift and beast lift and augmentation)

been removed from surgery #2, and he is very pleased. When we returned to our little apartment, I had my first chance to see the “new” girls Implant and Lift, and I am also very, very happy! By the way the hotel you arranged is just perfect. We are enjoying our time here very much.

Forgive my not emailing you yesterday, it was a long day at the hospital, and I was very tired. Mick goes in for his surgery this Friday, and I should have my last one (if all goes according to plan) possibly a week from this coming Friday. Let me know about the phone call with Sharon, and again anything she would like to ask me, feel free. If she would like to put together a list, again no problem. I am happy to help.
Take care,


I can’t believe even with swelling still there, how fantastic !!!!!!!

USA Patients – Wife Full Body Lift We went to see Dr to have

USA Patients – Wife Full Body Lift

Mick’s bandages removed and replaced, and when the “headgear” came off, my jaw dropped !
I can’t believe even with swelling still there, how fantastic Mick is looking and will look when it has settled down. The surgeon you arranged is truly an artist. Mick is also delighted. We both headed back to our little apartment with smiles on our faces.

We both go in on Friday, Mick to have his face checked again, and me to start the process for surgery #3.
I am ready to begin, this has been an incredible adventure for me, and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I will keep you posted with updates. You can tell all from me that the Dr, his staff, and the hospital are wonderful. Bye for now.


Sharon – I am so happy

I also wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am

(USA Patients –  Full Body Lift and breast surgery)

with all that you have recommended for our trip to Bangkok. As Mick has told you, I am back at our apartment after my first surgery. I absolutely love the Dr , he is a doll. And the staff at the hospital, without doubt one of the most professional and personal I have ever encountered.

The apartment couldn’t be nicer, it is just right. The staff at our hotel are friendly, helpful, especially when I returned after my first surgery. They stepped in and helped Mick who by this time was very tired and in need of said help. I have already given your name and info to a friend who has had some plastic surgery, but wants more, and she has several friends who are looking into plastic surgery, and are waiting to see my final results as well as Micks. Mick and I are taking lots of photos before and after, and I look forward to sharing them. I am truly impressed with how it has gone so far, and am excited to continue.
Thank you so much!

My wife’s Full Body Lift “extremely pleased”

Hi John, I wanted to give you a short update and tell you…

USA Patients – Wife Full Body Lift

extremely pleased we are with everything you arranged for us. Primarily, that is the Dr. whom we are super happy with. What a wonderful man! We can hardly believe  the tip-top quality service offered by both he and the Hospital.  Nothing in the US touches this quality except maybe for those who are super rich. Sharon had her first surgery on the 6th. We are now  recouping, or she is, from the first one of probably three total sessions. The day before we went to the hospital as a dry run to make sure we knew  how to get there, where the doctor’s office was located, how long the taxi ride would be, etc. Everything has gone off beautifully. She has finished the most difficult surgery. That is the abdominoplasty. I must say she  has more courage than I have.  The hotel you booked us into couldn’t be better. Convenience is  everywhere and the Thai people are a delight. Invariably cheerful and  helpful. I’ll keep you posted as the surgeries progress. That was our   main reason to come here!!  Big cheers to you and Apple. We love Thailand, well Bangkok anyway as  that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  Mick, and Sharon says to say hello and a big thank you!

Lipoma Removal Surgery

I had Lipoma removal surgery in Bangkok. Yes all went well.

(English Patient – Lipoma Removed)

I still have a little bit of swelling around my eye but I’ve been putting ice on it since Wed and its going down. You were right the Doctor you arranged was so nice. They said I can start to put cream on it after 2 weeks so I’m off to find scar cream you mentioned today so I can take it home.
Thanks for all your help. I will recommend your services to everyone and anyone.

Lauren and Mel – “your service was above and beyond”


We (Melanie and lauren) really can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us,

(NewZealand Patients – two breast augmentations)

we will be recommending you to everyone and anyone who is considering surgery. The care from the doctors and nurses has been first class and they really put us at ease and answered all our questions and worries. I have a few people i will be referring on and so does Mel so we will do our best to continue to send business your way not just now but always. We would love to meet Apple tomorrow and say thank you personally, we are gutted to not be meeting you too though. Your service has been above and beyond what was expected, worth every cent and more! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! I feel we owe you a lot John, without you and your constant support this never would have been possible for us. If there is ever anything we can do to help you and your business please let us know.
Lauren and Mel

“can’t ask for much more”

hi guys, everything went so well im one happy camper at the moment.


ill be back in bangkok a day or two before i head home so ill shoot u a text or email so we can catch up and i can buy you a beer for all your help. healing really well and im just really happy with how it all went cant ask for much
more than that. talk soon                  Terrie – Queensland

“I would place hospital above any I have used”

My wife and I have used the Thai hospital and I would place it

Paul, Victoria(liposuction, 2009)

above any Hospital I have used in the USA and my wife has used in Australia. All the doctors speak English. You are given a complete medical report in English. Prices are very reasonable