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Our Process

Our Process

Our process is very simple  - because we will be helping you with all your arrangements in Thailand
you will have a very, very clear understanding of all arrangements before you walk out of your front door.


Step 1
Complimentary Consultation

  • From our site select a Surgery and Care Package that suits your needs.
    Surgery & Care Packages

    After we hear from you we will phone you to discuss all of your needs.
    This is an important step because by talking to you we will be able to obtain a full understanding of all your requirements and we can then  provide you with a considered travel recommendation including a total cost estimate for all of your Thailand costs.

Step 2
Surgeon and Hospital Recommendation

  • After you receive our travel recommendation we want to obtain feedback, from your surgeon, regarding your particular case. We do this by asking you to complete a medical questionnaire and also asking you to provide some photographs of the areas requiring surgery.

    After receiving your questionaire and photographs we will then talk to the Hospital and Surgeon and in turn provide you with a surgical recommendation, firm price estimate for the particular surgery you require and also advise you of the recommended time you should stay in Thailand.

Step 3
Acceptance of Surgeon’s Recommendation and Confirmation of Surgery Date

  • Your next step is to accept the surgeon’s recommendation and then we can lock in a date with your surgeon and the hospital.

Step 4
Travel arrangements are made

  • Once Surgeon and Hospital is locked in it is necessary to book your flights.

  • After flights are booked we can then get underway organising transfers, hotels, nursing care and any other requirements.

  • At this stage it is also necessary for you to pay any Care Pack Fees and also our Fee.
    Hospital & Surgery and Hotel costs are not payable until you are in Thailand.

  • Once all arrangements are in place we will provide you with a detailed Trip Itinerary and continue to talk to you and answer any queries until you actually leave for Thailand.

Step 5
Arrival in Thailand

Everything will go smoothly because we have arranged for you to be collected at the airport, arranged your hotel and many other things, as detailed in your care package.

On the day of your consultation and surgery  you will be collected  from your hotel and taken to your hospital. You will have plenty of time to complete hospital registration and meet your surgeon at the scheduled time.

Your surgeon will want to thoroughly examine you and discuss your surgery options.
You will not be rushed thru your consultation and will have plenty of time to ask questions.

After your consultation you will be required to complete a standard pre surgery medical test.
If the medical test results are satisfactory then you will normally have surgery later the same day.

Depending on the type of surgery you will be required to stay in hospital for one night or more.
Naturally our care package ensures you are collected from the hospital, upon discharge and taken back to your hotel.

After Hospital Care
For those patients that have opted for our Care Package including Nurse Care  there will be a number of Nurse Care Visits in your hotel.

During your recuperation time your surgeon will require to have at least one follow up consultation. At your consultation stiches may be removed, dressings changed and any further surgeon’s recommendations made.

Step 6

Shortly afterwards the new AMAZING YOU will be jetting back home.

Once back at home we will be very keen to talk to you and hear all about your adventure.




Plastic Surgery Thai
Mobile (Australia):  0401 716479    
Phone (Thailand): 0011 66 832397090
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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