Hospitals Thailand

Thailand’s Tier 1 Hospitals

The better Thai surgeons want to work in the better hospitals and the better hospitals want the better surgeons – Probably no different from home !

Bangkok’s Tier 1 Hospitals are:-

  • BNH Hospital
  • Samitivej Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital , Bangkok
  • Bumrungrad Hospital

Phuket’s  Tier 1 Hospitals are:-

  • Phuket International Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital , Phuket

Bangkok’s Hosptials with the Best English

English ability and communication about your surgery needs is absolutely critical.

It is no coincidence that the below independent article states all the above TIER 1 Bangkok HOSPITALS HAVE THE BEST ENGLISH

Hospital Guarantee

It is unliklely that surgery complications occur if you choose the right surgeon but in the unlikely event we can obtain a written hospital guarantee.(coniditions naturally apply)

Additionally we provide optional Surgery Fly Back Protection to cover for Plastic Surgery Complications – includes flight back from Australia to Thailand and our hotel accomodation

Tier 1 Hospitals - Bangkok & Phuket

Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital

Well known for its excellent surgical outcomes.

Beautiful, excellent facilities and larger than normal patient accommodation.

This hospital compares to any leading Western Hospital. Samitivej also has Thailand’s leading Children’s Hospital care.

400 bed hospital

JCI Accreditation **

Samitivej Hospital Images

BNH Hospital

This hospital is part of Thailand’s largest Hosptial Group – The Dusit / Bangkok Hospital Group.

It is one of the oldest and most respected hospitals in Bangkok. Entering this recently renovated hospital it looks like a 5 star hotel and it provides 5 star medical support.

120 bed hospital

JCI Accreditation **

Hospital Images

Bangkok Hosptial

One of the two largest hospitals in Bangkok.

Some of the best facilities in Thailand are in this modern hospital.

The Bangkok Hospital Group has 13 hospitals throughout Thailand with the groups best facilities located in its Bangkok Hospital.

400 bed hospital

JCI Accreditation **

Hospital Images

Phuket International Hospital

Phuket International Hosptial is one of Phuket’s largest hosptials

150 bed hospital.

JCI Accreditation **

Hospital Images

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Part of the Bangkok Hosptial Group and the largest hospital in Phuket

200 bed hospital

JCI Accreditation **

Hospital Images